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The right answer for your challenge.

Thanks to our insider knowledge and established network, we fill your position entirely according to your wishes. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on professionalism and discretion. In addition, we consider not only the professional qualifications, but also the personality of our candidates to make sure that they fit perfectly into your corporate culture.

In addition to recruiting talent, we also provide consulting services to entrepreneurial companies. To make you aware of our quality standard of these services, we have collected some reference mandates for you.

This has proven successful: In 2023, we were named one of the best personnel service providers in the field of professional search by the Handelszeitung for the third time in a row.


Whenever the search for personnel and managers is difficult – we are there for you.

Exclusive Mandate
We fill your vacancy effectively and precisely. In doing so, we place particular emphasis on direct communication and seriousness.

Active Sourcing
The professional direct approach of candidates is a central point in the search for new talent. You can rely on our team of experts for this.

Personality Analysis
To make sure that talent fits into your company, you also need a match on a personal level. To do this, we use personality analyses and cognitive testing procedures.

Search Process

In order to fill your vacancy precisely, our search process for the right candidate is strategic and organized. The following overview gives you a detailed insight into this. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

1 Client Briefing

1. Client Briefing

During the client briefing, the most important requirements and expectations are discussed. This includes the objective, the position description, search criteria and salary structure. In addition, we will analyze the desired personality of the candidate. Finally, we take a closer look at the environment in the company and note what the company culture is like.

2 Start of the Search

2. Start of the Search

After a suitable position profile has been drafted, we write an advertisement and publish it in all relevant media. In our search, we primarily use our network, candidate pool and social media to find your “Perfect Match”.

3 Pre-Selection

3. Pre-Selection
After the advertisement return has been carefully checked, preliminary clarifications with the candidates begin by telephone. These are based on the agreed search criteria.

4 Personal Interview

4. Personal Interview

The evaluation of the longlist is followed by a personal interview of interested candidates together with the consultant in charge of the mandate. Topics such as motivation and professional qualifications are discussed. In addition, the personality of the candidate is evaluated and compared with the position profile.

5 Presentation (Shortlist)

5. Presentation (Shortlist)

Subsequently, the suitable candidates are presented to the client on the basis of a shortlist. If desired, one of our personality analyses or cognitive test procedures can also be carried out at this stage. Finally, we obtain references according to the 360° principle.

6 Conclusion

6. Conclusion

After the candidates have been presented, we are happy to support you in the decision-making process. In addition, we accompany you during the contract negotiations and offer assistance with onboarding.

7 Follow-up

7. Follow-up

After the completion of the mandate, we are happy to conduct a feedback discussion together with the client and the candidate. While the candidate is in the probationary period, we continue to accompany you and offer support where necessary.

Video production for recruiting and employer branding

As a modern company, are you ready to recruit in a modern way? We are happy to help you!

Video recruiting increases the visibility and attractiveness of companies in today’s job market. It enables the emotional presentation of the company culture, the workplace and the employees. Videos offer more information than text and pictures, help applicants to check out the match in advance. Shared videos on social media increase reach and appeal by emphasizing personal aspects. Authentic videos create emotional connections, not only for applicants but also for employees. Video recruiting is a modern, efficient way to attract talent and position yourself as an attractive employer.

Our team will be happy to advise you on the topic of videos and create a suitable, authentic video for you.



Managing directors and CEOs, “head of” and leadership positions. We find the right people to lead your company or department.


Specialists are a rare commodity. That’s why we make it our business to find the best talent for you.

Executive Assistants

Executive assistants make sure that everything in the company runs like a clockwork. We find personal assistants and administrative managers for you.


Management Consulting
Do you have questions about your strategic positioning or would you like a management audit? We will be happy to advise you.

HR Consulting
Employer branding, E-recruiting, HR development or cultural change – we are at your side for important HR issues.

Candidate Coaching
As experienced professionals, we know what it takes to be convincing in a job interview. You can trust our expertise.

Management Process

In order to best meet your needs, our management process is also structured. In seven steps, we analyze the current status of your company, decipher current challenges and create a personalized action plan for you.

1 Initial Situation

1. Situation

At the beginning, the current situation must be analyzed. This includes the strategic positioning, the business and corporate strategy. Then the first innovation possibilities are already worked out and discussed.

2 Competence Model

2. Competence Model

The question is asked which competencies are required in management to ensure the long-term success of the company. Based on your answers, we create a model of the TARGET competencies.

3 Management Audit

3. Management Audit

This is followed by a check-up of all current members of management. We place particular emphasis on performance values and conduct interviews with all members. Optionally, we can also apply personality analyses or cognitive test procedures.

4 Comparison

4. Comparison

After the current ACTUAL competencies in management have been worked out in the last step, the comparison with the TARGET competencies follows, which were defined at the beginning of the audit. This reveals the need for development.

5 Evaluation

5. Evaluation

This is followed by an evaluation of the situation. Our experts will clarify your ideal management structure and show you which positions should be newly created or to what extent the current positions need to be adjusted. In this step, we explain to you any forms of action that may be required.

6 Conclusion

6. Conclusion

Finally, we get a bit more specific by giving you explicit management recommendations in terms of personality, competencies and organization. Once these have been discussed, a feedback discussion among all participants follows.

7 Follow-Up

7. Follow-up

If this is desired, we will be happy to accompany and support you in your search for new executives. You will find the individual steps for this in our search process.

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Below are some exemplary reference projects from the areas of specialists and managers as well as executive assistants.

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