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Modern Recruiting: Video Training with Faeh+Faeh

Modern recruiting means staying open and being creative. Thanks to Faeh+Faeh’s video training, da professionals have gained a range of new skills.

By Maya Töpperwien, June 2023

This article was originally written in German.

Who are Faeh+Faeh?

Faeh+Faeh was founded in 2017 by Nadine and Pascal Faeh. The two entrepreneurs combined their expertise in video production and HR, and now produce a wide range of footage. The now eight-person team not only films social video and food & beverage content, but also includes employer branding and recruiting videos.

On June 9, the da professionals received personal training from Faeh+Faeh. Pascal and Fabio took the journey from Flims to Zurich to show us how to use audiovisual content in recruiting and for other purposes in HR marketing.

Why Video in Recruiting?

The answer to this question is multifaceted: on a technical level, algorithms and social media play an increasingly important role in recruiting as well, which cannot be ignored. Such platforms often “prefer” audiovisual content and play it out more often than a purely textual post, for example.

The more important answer: video offers people a platform to be seen and heard. And people are the focus for us. The recruiting video can not only provide additional information to the classic job ad, but also shows the people behind it. Who is the consultant looking after you as an applicant? What does the company look like? Maybe even the future workplace or a short interview with the future supervisor is shown.

How does a Recruiting Video Work?

As experts in recruiting, we understand the importance of a video format. But on a conceptual and technical level, we lacked the knowledge to implement it. This is where Faeh+Faeh came into play.

When Pascal and Fabio came to our office on Friday morning with fresh “Gipfeli”, there was no hesitation. In a one-day workshop, the two men showed us every step of the video production process: from pre-production, including the appropriate concept, storyboard and shotlist, to the equipment for the actual production, to post-production, which includes how the content is put together and edited.

Pascal and Fabio put our newly acquired knowledge to the test directly on location. Sets and shots were not only done by them, but also directly by the team of da professionals, B-roll shots were shot for the first time and edited and cut together.

Especially important: all content of the training was personalized for us. The Faeh+Faeh team took time for all our concerns and questions, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks. The authentic and uncomplicated appearance of suited us very well and we are happy to recommend them to others.